We continue to build our club into one of the premier organizations in the National Brotherhoold of Skiers (NBS). Thrillseeker's vision is to create an outlet, to gather 'Thrillseekers' into an organization that would cater to non-traditional adventure. Our adventures have ranged from Bungee cord jumping, to jet skiing in the Hamptons, to Skiing in Austria, to scuba diving in the Florida Keys!! We are open for any type of adventure in which you may want to participate!

Board of Directors/Officers

Thrillseekers, Inc. is structured with an Executive Board, who manage the day-to-day operations of the club, and a Board of Directors, whose role is to ensure the "flavor" and original goals of the club continue. The Board of Directors consists of four members who have been with the club since the very beginning and have worked with and shaped the club consistently throughout the years.

The Board of Directors have also committed to working with the Executive Board to provide perspective and advice when issues arise.

The Executive Board consists of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. They are elected every two years in April and take office in May of election years.

To serve as an Officer of Thrillseekers, Inc. one must:

  • Two consecutive years of Membership in Thrillseekers Inc.
  • At least 21 years old.
  • To serve as president,
    • one must have minimally run an overnight event and submitted a final report to the board.
    • Provide active and productive service on a committee.

Current Officers
Sean Cottman, President

Open, Vice President

OPEN, Secretary

Greg Govan, Treasurer

Current Board of Directors

Dwayne Wilkins, Founder
Hannah Hunt, Co-Founder
Cheryl Hickmon, Past President
Clover Mitchell-Dore, Past President

Cassandra Johnson, Immediate Past President