We continue to build our club into one of the premier organizations in the National Brotherhoold of Skiers (NBS). Thrillseeker's vision is to create an outlet, to gather 'Thrillseekers' into an organization that would cater to non-traditional adventure. Our adventures have ranged from Bungee cord jumping, to jet skiing in the Hamptons, to Skiing in Austria, to scuba diving in the Florida Keys!! We are open for any type of adventure in which you may want to participate!

ALL Coaches…

  • Must create a fun and educational approach to skiing/riding.
  • Must be able to recruit and educate club members, new skiers and riders.
  • Must be able to work with new skiers/boarders on fundamentals of skiing/riding.
  • Must volunteer to work with never-evers for at least 2 hours on one trip a year.

Criteria for Coach status on the TSI Race team:


  • Must have won a Gold NASTAR medal and have placed First in the Expert category of an NBS race, i.e., qualify for NBS Elite category
    • or Has at least a Level II PSIA certification
    • or Has at least a Level II USSA race coach certification
  • Must compete in at least two NBS events per season, i.e., Summit, Eastern Winterfest, Western Winter-Carnival, etc.
  • Must attend at least two training sessions per season.


  • Must be ranked a Level 9 or 10 skier by PSIA standards
  • Capable of skiing in all conditions and terrain. (i.e., Use angulation and a variety of movements to control edge engagement.)
  • Able to read the terrain and snow conditions and select the appropriate tactics for success. (i.e., Fit movements to match the desired turn shape.)
  • Must compete and place in top two in at least one NBS/TSI sponsored mogul competition.
  • Must pass TSI coach evaluation on an expert mogul run:
  1. Turning smoothly by using knee angulation to get skis on their edges, low basic skiing position.
  2. Upper body relaxed and still.
  3. Vision up.
  4. Pole plants by using wrists.
  5. Using appropriate absorption techniques.
  6. Keeping snow contact.
  7. Exerting a proficiency of speed management and ability to maintain snow contact with skis.
  8. Ability to execute a minimum of 10 turns down the fall line in a smooth and rhythmic fashion.


  • Must demonstrate the ability to negotiate different terrain at varying speeds in a skilled and comfortable manner.
  • Must negotiate a half pipe, terrain park and/or racecourse confidently and skillfully.

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